The Process

Tekedia Capital provides a trusted and secure platform for individuals, institutions and investment groups anywhere in the world to invest in technology-anchored companies with focus on Africa. The process flow is as follows:

  • Step 1: A prospective investor watches our videos and reads about what we do on this page. But where you still have questions, please email [email protected] and our team will schedule an appointment. Otherwise, go here and pay $1,000 or N750,000 naira  via PayPal, Stripe, Flutterwave, bank transfer, etc for the 4-cycle membership fee. The fee provides access to 4 investment cycles of Tekedia Capital deal flow. We typically do 2-3 cycles per year (i.e. 12 months). After payment, our team will give you access to the deal flow board.
  • Step 2: Tekedia onboards the member and then shares vetted deal flows with the investor for consideration.
  • Step 3: Investor invests or co-invests with others. The timing would be communicated to the investor to enable planning.

Fees & Cost Structure

  • 4-Cycle Membership Fee of $1,000 or local currency equivalent: Tekedia Capital charges $1,000 fee to include an investor into Tekedia Capital deal flows for 4 investment cycles. We typically do 2-3 cycles per year (i.e. 12 months). This fee is used to run administrative activities, research & development, due diligence on startups, and perform routine paperworks in the business. If after a year, the investor could decide not to renew the membership fee. This could be because the investor has invested in enough startups or for any other reason. Largely, if the investor does not renew, Tekedia Capital will stop sharing deal flows with that investor. Even with that, the investor will remain connected with Tekedia Capital for any previous investment made. You can go here and pay ($1,000 or N750,000 naira ) via many options provided.
  • Carried interest of 20%: Carried Interest is a performance-based compensation system that aligns investors’ interest with Tekedia Capital towards incentivizing the team to outperform by discovering category-king startups, and nurture them to exit. For example, if an investment of $100,000 is exited at  $1,000,000, the investor will receive first the principal of $100,000, and then another $720,000, which represents 80% of the profits earned. Tekedia Capital team receives $180,000. 

Become an Investor